Caring, courage and performance are at the core of our talents

Three values make up the SYRUS spirit


SYRUS starts from the heart. We get up in the morning to see our clients and colleagues achieve and exceed their goals. This state of mind is possible through mutual help, collaboration and total commitment to oneself and others.Caringis what fuels all of our relationships.


True courage is about being 100% accountable for the success of our clients and colleagues. It is authenticity and humility, and it is the wisdom to allow for difficult decisions. It is also about daring and learning continuously. Finally, it is saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done … at all times.


Performance first stems from a great curiosity which manifests itself in our thirst for knowledge and understanding. This is achieved through our agility, flexibility and mastery of each issue and opportunity. Our clients and colleagues have every right to expect that. This is the only way to make a real difference in each project where our expertise is sought and where our experience is leveraged.

Syrus Careers


Adjoint(e) de direction

Rôle de l’adjoint(e) de direction : Gère les calendriers des membres de la direction et planifie les voyages; Gère des courriels; Prépare les comptes de dépenses; Organise les réunions et prépare tous les documents requis;…

Conseiller(ère) aux communications

Tu cherches un environnement de travail authentique qui te permettra d’apprendre continuellement? Tu n’as pas peur de sortir de ta zone de confort? Tu souhaites contribuer concrètement au succès de tes clients? Bienvenue chez SYRUS!…

Coordonnateur aux communications

Rôle au quotidien : Effectuer des recherches ciblées sur les industries, les enjeux et les occasions d’affaires de nos clients Participer à l’exécution des mandats (branding, communication interne et externe, stratégie média) Soutenir l’équipe dans…

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